Professional Sounding Audiobooks

Audioshapers specializes in creating and producing top notch audio books. We edit, mix and master your recordings and convert them into professional, clean and crisp sounding audiobooks. Our Books are on Itunes, Audible, ACX and more. We have worked with world renowned Psychotherapist – Irvan Yalom, Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze the bestselling author of Leadership and the New Science and Turning to One Another and HL Watson, the renowned Fantasy author.

Some of Our Released Audiobooks


Audiobook mastering Landfall


Irvin Yalom Audiobook editing
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Professional Audiobooks Services

We make sure your audio files sound as good as possible. Our Audiobook production company meticulous clean your audio book, making sure that all errors, noise etc are removed. We then mix and master them to sound perfect! A brief about what we do to create the best sounding audiobooks.

1. Seamless editing

Seamless editing: this includes, removing all breath sounds, unwanted sections, noise and ruffles, clicks, pops etc. it also includes pacing the voice so that it flows beautifully and naturally

2. Perfect cross-fading

Cross fading audio is an art and requires lot of experience and skill. Cross fading ensures that there are no jerks in the voice and everything flows around seamlessly.

3. In-depth Volume leveling

We make sure that each and every word in your book is audible. your listeners do not have to keep adjusting the levels while listening to your files.Your entire audio book series will sound consistent and uniform.

4. Noise reduction

Special software and hardware is used to reduce and eliminate background noise.

5. Awesome mixing

We eq, compress and process your files cds to sound sonically perfect. Your voice is given its character and definition.

6. Perfect mastering

The final mixed audio is mastered for broadcast quality. We use advance analog style processors to give final warmth and crispiness to the files. The tracks are prepared for burning onto cds or in mp3 quality for uploading onto various sites. We can provide the above services individually as well.

Our prices:
For Indepth editing, mixing and mastering – $149 USD per hour of completed audio.
For Mixing and mastering only – $85 USD Per hour of Audio
For Voice over and complete production- $390 USD per hour of audio

If you have more then 4 hours of audio, we can provide discounted rates.

CONTACT US and get a FREE custom Sample mixing & mastering of your audio books.