How To Compare Recording Studio Rates

Unlike the early old days when recording was for the professionals and the wealthy, today you can record your music almost for free. This change is because of innovations and cheap means of recording. Unlike earlier, when you would pay high recording studio rates, today with a computer and recording software, you can record as many songs as you wish. These developments have also affected recording studio rates. The cost of producing has shifted from recording a song to creating an album. Recording studio rates for an album depends on the type of the album. Vocals are the cheapest while symphonic orchestra is the most costly.

Some factors which affect rates of recording studios are:

Location: Different studios in different localities charge different recording studio rates. This is because different locations attract different rent and maintenance fees and hence the difference. It is a common phenomenon to find studios located in the central business district in any city charging higher recording studio rates than their counterparts in the suburban areas. These expensive studios might not have top notch gear or good engineer to deliver quality audio.

Gear/Equipment: Studios which have invested in expensive processing equipments, mixing desks and high end softwares charge more then the ones which have basic setup. The rule of the thumb is: Cheaper gear=cheaper rates=Cheaper quality of end product.

Reputation: The other factor that affects the recording studio rates is the recording company reputation. Studios with favorable reputation charge higher recording rates unlike their counterparts with little repute. Therefore, if you are looking forward in saving your hard-earned cash, you should opt for companies that are located outside the central business district area and those little known recording companies with good gear.

Professionalism/Services: Although there is little difference between the qualities of records done at prestigious studios, and little known companies, prestigious studios offer professionalism in recording and hence high recording studio rates. The other disparity comes due to the services offered. To lower the high recording studio rates, studios have diversified their products. You can find a studio that offers vocals or instrument recording and another that offers mixing and mastering only. Therefore, when operating on a strained budget you may opt to look for studios that offer cheap rates on specific category only.

Online studio-The best of both worlds
Online studios offer much cheaper rates then local studios, great equipment and equally great services. Since they do not need to pay higher rents and maintenance as compared to local studios, they can pass on the savings to the customers. Online studios do not depend on local talents and provide the best engineers, Voice artist and session musician from around the globe. In fact, more and more people are using online studio then local studios. With development of online studios it is easier to get everything, all from the comfort of your home!

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