Michael Jackson video-Twitter Release

A new Michael Jackson video was released via twitter.

Michael Jackson fans, it seems, never have to really say goodbye. On Wednesday night, the late musician’s reps released “A Place With No Name,” the first video from Jackson’s latest posthumous album “XSCAPE,” on Twitter — and the King of Pop even appears in it in never-before-released footage.

The song, which samples the 1971 hit “A Horse with No Name” by the band America, is a smooth dance tune — instantly catchy and fun, as was Jackson’s style. The video, shot by Samuel Bayer in both black-and-white and color, is a desert-and-beach fantasy in which a man in a truck finds a writhing woman in white, picks her up, and frolics on the sand with her.

Throughout the video, Jackson pops up in candid shots, smiling in a hat and sunglasses and dancing in a white T-shirt; the black-and-white dancing images are clearly outtakes from his 1992 video, “In the Closet.” He’s clearly so on top of his game and having such a great time, it’s easy to forget that the musician died in 2009. 

The video has been re-tweeted more than 36,000 times (as of Thursday morning) and favorited by nearly as many viewers.

Long live the King of Pop!



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