Press Release: Advanced Mixing and Mastering Services from Audioshapers

AudioShapers, a premier audio and music production studio, is now offering advanced online mixing and mastering services.

HAMILTON, New Zealand, May 12, 2013 – AudioShapers, a premier music production studio, is now offering advanced online mixing and mastering services for songs, music, films and documentaries. The company utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware coupled with advanced studio technology to mix and master audio files. The studio has a professional team of mixing and mastering engineers which has consistently produced quality results.

“Our engineers have vast experience and bring out the best in your songs”, said Rajiv Agarwal, the director of Audioshapers. “Mixing is completely different from mastering and we have separate engineers who handle each aspect of post-production. We not only mix your audio files but also add that extra shine which makes them stand out in the crowd. The sonic quality delivered by our studio is pristine.”

The studio can handle all kinds of genres, including Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Dance, Techno and rock, to name a few. The mixing and mastering engineer approaches all songs from a technical and creative angle. Every track is equalized, balanced and compressed keeping in mind the overall feel of the song. The engineer makes sure that each and every instrument sits perfectly in mix. Once the track is mixed, it is mastered using advanced compression, limiting, analogue style equalizers and stereo separation.

Besides songs, the company specializes in mixing and mastering for films, documentaries, podcasts, jingles, voice overs, sound design for games etc. Unlike other studios, the company provides unlimited revisions, making sure that the audio is as per the client’s requirements. All songs and music files are mastered and mixed to perfection. Since its inception, the studio has completed hundreds of successful projects for distinguished clients from around the globe. AudioShapers also offers free customized mixing and mastering samples.

For more information about the studio and its online mixing and mastering facilities please visit our website here

About AudioShapers

AudioShapers offers finest mixing and mastering services like audio mixing, song mastering, editing, sound design for games, audio restoration and music composition. An experienced team of engineers and sound designers professionally handle all the projects. The company has a fully equipped studio with industry standard software and hardware.

By Rajiv Agarwal

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