Press Release: Cutting Edge Voice and Audio Editing Services

March 11, 2013
For Immediate Release

AudioShapers, a leading audio post production studio, is now offering advanced voice and audio editing services.

March 11, 2013 – AudioShapers, a leading online audio production studio, now provides cutting edge audio post production facilities, including voice and audio editing services. The company uses the latest hardware and software and state-of-the-art technology to professionally edit sound files. This includes splicing, cleaning, deleting, adding, and consolidating the audio files. Finished products are not only error-free but also have a natural flow to them.

“We make sure all our audio is technically perfect and we employ only the best sound editing techniques”, said Rajiv Agarwal, the founder of studio Audioshapers. “Editing is an art as well as a science and we make sure your audio sounds natural and perfect. We give the required attention and time to all your projects.”

The AudioShapers team approaches each project from a scientific and artistic perspective. The company employs a professional audio editing team that has succeeded in producing excellent results for clients around the world. It can handle anything from simplest voice editing to complex musical syncing. Clients can access all the audio editing services and post production services online, from the comfort of their homes.

Besides professional sound editing services, the company also edits loop and music libraries. All loops are edited to an accuracy of one millisecond. Sync or tempo issues in live recorded instrument can also be addressed and fixed; engineers will edit and sync up to 128 music tracks. In addition, technicians can edit podcasts with optimal mixing and mastering. Other editing projects the team can take on include documentaries, voice overs, audio books, interviews, and more.

All projects are edited until the sound is as realistic and consistent as possible, The same dedication is applied to the company’s other post production services which includes mixing and mastering, noise removal, audio restoration, jingle, and game sound design. Unlimited revisions are provided with each project. In addition, AudioShapers offers free sample editing and a free consultancy service for those interested in improving their audio techniques. It employs professional equipment such as Dynaudio MB-15A and Genelecs 1032 A monitors, Pro Tools HD recording software, high end compressors and preamps to name a few.

To learn more about the company and take advantage of its top-notch audio editing services, please visit here

About AudioShapers

AudioShapers provides top notch audio post production services such as audio editing, mixing and mastering, noise removal and audio restoration, game sound design and more. A professional, creative, and talented staff of singers, voice over artists and session musicians contribute to each project. The company operates out of a fully equipped, cutting edge studio with the latest mixing equipment, hardware, and software.

By Rajiv Agarwal


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