Welcome To Our Online Studio

Audioshapers is a premier online production studio. We provide huge life-like sounds and brilliant sonic quality. You no longer have to go to your traditional local studio and pay huge amounts of money for a professional sounding track. We bring world class services to your doorsteps!

We provide the same cutting edge sound, higher acoustic quality and better customer services at half the cost of traditional studio, all from the comfort of your home! With thousands of satisfied clients from all over the globe, your search for best audio solution ends here.

We offer end-to-end audio solutions for all kinds of audio editing, mastering, mixing, game music, background music for documentaries and films, all kinds of podcast services, and much more. Our mastering studio is equipped with the latest gear to give a million-dollar sound to your recordings.

Latest Projects and samples:

Its been a long month and we have been busy mastering for two feature-length films. The samples will be up as soon as the trailers are released. We also completed a promotional video for the game “Blink Snake” and some futuristic game beds for the multiplayer retro classic, “PONG.”

Snake Promo

Music bed for Pong

Pong Menu music

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A Brief List of Our Audio Equipment

Monitors: Dynaudio MB-15A, Genelecs 1032A, Mackie MR-5 near fields,
Microphones: AKG 414-TLII condenser, Neumann M-147 Tube, Rhode NTK, Shure SM-58
Recording and workstation: Pro tools HD, Yamaha O2R Mixing desk with all core plugins.
Compressors and Preamp: Focusrite Voicemaster Pro, Apogee A/D converters,DBX 586 Dual Tube Pre,Yamaha Graphic EQ , Summit tube stereo compressor
Music compositions: Motif rack,Yamaha Phantom, Kurtzweil, Roland Midi keyboard and tons of Virtual synths and instrument samplers.
Sophisticated audio analysis tools and noise reduction and restoration tools and much more!!!

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get FREE sample Music, clean up, editing and mastering for you Video/Audio and a quote at guaranteed lowest prices.