Audio Cleaning & Audio Noise Removal

Clean up audio recordings and remove noise from audio files including videos and podcasts! Working as noise reduction and audio restoration consultants for 2 Institutes has provided us with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various problems and solutions of a broad range of audio noise removal techniques. We remove background noise from videos, audio files, mp3, old recordings, documentaries, tele-seminars, podcast etc.

Latest audio noise removal tools

We have the latest hardware and software to clean up audio noises of all kinds, including hiss, clicks, crackle, rumble, hum, broadband noises, distortions and provide clean audio. We have dedicated racks of hardware to clean up audio files, which deliver exceptional quality and also maintains the warmth and saturation of the cleaned audio. To clean up audio in video, special softwares are employed to strip and slap back the audio onto video.

Intuitive processing to remove background noise

All noise profiles are different and an array of techniques are used to remove background noise. In selecting an audio noise removal algorithm, meticulous attention is paid to the trade off between voice quality and the amount of audio noise reduction. Audio restoration is a very tricky job and requires an institutive understanding of the wave artifacts introduced by broadband noise reducing softwares. We remove all background noise with utmost care!

Preserving the warmth and tone of your voice

We clean up audio without affecting the tone, timbre and natural modulation of the voice or music. Once the audio or music is clean, all irregular volumes and sound dropouts are balanced. All voices are extensively leveled so that each and every word is clear. Finally the audio is Mixed and mastered for utmost clarity, resulting in a Pro, clean and crisp sound; ready to be burnt onto Cds or broadcasted on the web for the world to listen!

If you require any guidance on how to record without noise, or need us to look at a noisy recording, or require a quote, please feel free to contact us.


Depending on the audio quality and the amount of noise, the cost of audio restoration for 60 mins of audio ranges between $90-$150. Please send us a sample of your audio and we will do a free analysis and also provide a customized quote.

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