Podcast Production,Editing & Music for Podcasts

We turn your home or studio recordings into professional sounding, zero noise podcasts! Having worked with a variety of top podcasts producers and internet speakers, we know how to deliver a world class sounding product at a low price which will amaze you!! We provide all kinds of podcast production & Podcast services including, podcast editing, podcast mixing and mastering, music for podcast etc. We provide end to end podcast solutions and podcasting services from creating podcasts, adding music and intro/outros, podcasts recording, podcast editing to finally marketing them.

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Steps in Podcast Production

Making a podcast can be divided into 4 Steps.
º Recording the audio
º Adding music and podcast editing.
º Podcast mixing, noise reduction, enhancement and Podcast mastering
º Distribution.
Our podcast studio provides excellent support for all of the above, making sure your podcasts reaches the widest audience possible

The process of making a great podcast-Podcast services

º The podcast is cleaned up for all noise and distortions, including sudden peaks, low hum, broadband hiss, clicks etc.
º The podcast is Equed and mixed to maximize clarity and enhance the quality to broadcasting standards.
º The podcast is edited for unwanted sounds like Ahh and Umms, repetitions and mistakes.
º The audio is extensively leveled. All voices are balanced, so that each and every word is clear.
º The podcast is finally encoded and sent across in variety of formats, as required.
Our Podcast services are designed to provide optimum quality and exposure to your podcast.

Music for podcast

All podcasts are unique and require custom made music to suit the subject matter. We specialize in all kinds of Podcast Intro/outro Music. Once the music is added, the podcast is ready to be distributed to the vast internet audience. We can also help in choosing the best distribution medium, RSS feeds and getting your podcast across to your target audience.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get a FREE sample clean up, editing and mastering of your podcast quote at guaranteed lowest prices.