Radio Jingles, Radio Ad Music & Radio Production

Our Radio jingles and TV ads are regularly played on top radio stations and T.V channels in New York, Los Angeles, London etc. The award wining team of professional jingle writers, voice over artists and singers have been producing custom radio Jingles and radio ad music for a wide variety of products. Besides radio productions, we also provide background music for videos, web trailers, slideshows and corporate videos.

Low cost approach to Radio jingles

Since the recording, mixing and mastering of radio jingles is done in our own in house studio, the cost of radio production is quite low. Most of the radio commercials and jingles are royalty free, making sure that you can use the jingle indefinitely, in any number of medium as long as you like, without any additional fees!  Now that’s a bargain!

Unique musical bed

Our radio production studio makes memorable and hit melody lines. The melody, together with the musical bed gives a unique branding and identity to the product. The radio ad music is  produced using best hardware and software synths, incorporating original sounds. The jingle writers work in close coordination with the music teams. We also provide background music for videos and animations.

Top radio commercial voices and artists

We have a huge pool of voice over artists and radio commercial voices from around the Globe. You need an Italian Voice over? No problems! Need a Mexican accent? It’s here! These artists are highly qualified, lending their voices to the top radio jingles, TV spots and Hollywood trailers. The same goes for the singers. We have a team of session musicians who add guitars, flute, drums and other acoustic instruments for that live and warm feel.
All in all, we deliver the best custom cheap radio ads and jingle packages, suited to your budget, starting from as low as $299.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get a FREE customized quote at guaranteed lowest prices.