Cutting Edge Mixing and Mastering Studio

Audioshapers provides precision mixing and mastering services to labels, artists, films and productions. Having worked with a Grammy winning company, you can be sure our mix engineers will deliver top notch quality to your music and audio production.



Why big artists and production houses work with us

1.Professional Online Mixing

We have the latest hardware analogue Eqs, compressors and mixing desk to give you the million dollar sound. Our online mixing studio uses host of software plugins to get the correct balance of low, mids and highs. The audio mix and mastering engineer uses sophisticated audio analysis tools to make sure the final mixed audio is perfect for the listeners. We take digital online mixing to the next level. And we deliver all this at the lowest possible prices.

2.Mastering Studio: the difference between amateur and pro sounds

Our world class online mix and mastering studio gives that perfect shining pro sound to your recordings! Our dedicated song mastering engineers, with experience in the music industry for years, turn a good recording into a great recording. The audio is passed through analogue style EQ, multiband compression stereo imaging and limiting, adding that extra shine to your mixes. Each and every music track is analyzed on several audio systems, making sure that the song translates well on any audio system. We offer all kinds of mastering service like song mastering, music mastering, audio cd mastering and film sound mastering as well.

3.Top notch customer service

Our engineers work hard to give you the best sounding mixes. We provide unlimited revisions, which help you in getting a product 100% to your liking. We integrate all feedback from you so that the end product is what you have envisioned.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get a FREE custom Sample mixing & mastering of your audio. If you have a documentary or other audio project for mixing and mastering, we can provide customized quote for you.



Mixing & Mastering Packages Cost per song
1 song $195 USD
more then 5 songs$175 USD
More then 10 songs $165 USD

ONLY Mastering Packages Cost per song
1 song $39USD
more then 5 songs$35 USD
More then 10 songs $29 USD