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Immersive Gameplay music, breathtaking SFX and top notch sound designing. Welcome to Audioshapers, a brand trusted by hundreds of production houses across the world. We have composed for Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc. We have designed sounds for Apps as well as games. We designed all the sounds of the hugely popular “Talking Anya” App, whihc haas more than 3.5 million downloads!!






Game SFX design

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Kids App sounds


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Samples and Gameplays

X-Box – Aliens Vs Cavemen

PirateShoot- Iphone

Orchestral RPG – Flash based game

Fizz and Hummer

Trapfall  By Vanzon games


Why Top Game Production Studios Work With Us

1.Classy Gameplay Music

Some games require more contemporary music with modern soundscapes. Arcade games require a blend of the retro, emulating the Amiga or chiptune feel. Whatever the feel, rest assured our game audio designers can create the perfect music for video games.  We create excellent game sound design, blending modern sound synthesis with acoustic elements. Perfect for your needs!

2.Larger then life sounds

Our game studio is equipped with highest quality synths, samplers and drum machines, providing cutting edge sound synthesis. Our Audio designers use the best sound libraries for SFX and orchestral ensembles, providing larger then life sounds, perfectly mixed and mastered for brilliant sonic quality. If required, game and flash sound effects are also recorded and produced from scratch, tailor made for the visuals.

3.Catchy melody

Our Video game composers produce music which reflects the pace and visuals of the game, with hook phrases (melody line), which give a unique musical identity to the game. Our composers come up with melody lines that are catchy and easy to remember, adding to the recall value of the game. Every scene of the game is analyzed and suitable original music and sound effects are produced for it. A dedicated team of audio designer and sound designer make sure the music is perfect for the visuals.

4.Perfectly looped

A special requirement of game audio is that the tracks should loop indefinitely. All tracks are edited in a way that they seamlessly play back again, looping without any clicks or glitches, providing unending hours of superb music. The music for video games, especially for Iphones, smartphones, tablets, flash sound effects etc is compressed using the best encoding technology to give you the smallest possible download size, without compromising the quality.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get FREE sample gameplay music and SFX, customized for your game and a quote at guaranteed lowest prices.