Precision Editing for Your Recordings

Sound editing is an intricate process that requires great skills and state of the art technology. Gone are the days when professional audio editing was done using magnetic tapes and analogue microphones. Nowadays, voice editing is done digitally using specialized equipment and software. We deliver the finest quality audio edits while preserving the most intricate details of your voice, sound or music.

What is Audio editing?

Professional audio editing is the process of cleaning, splicing, adding, consolidating and deleting parts of a recorded sound file. When an audio file is recorded, many unwanted errors become a part of it. These might include an unintentional sneeze, pauses, umms and ahhs etc. Sometimes a complete section of audio needs to be deleted, so that the recording fits into a particular time frame. Audio editors and sound editing engineers help in rearranging , cleaning and splicing audio so that the final product is without error and consistent to listen to.
The process of professional audio editing is dynamic and detailed. The sound editor has to make sure the voice does not sound jerky or unnatural. The flow of the voice has to be maintained throughout the file. We make sure all unwanted errors and repetition are removed to maintain the natural aesthetics of the voice

Why our editing services are the best?

We provide only the best voice editing services. Our professional music editing team has the best skills and talents in music editing, with years of experience behind them. We have completed hundreds of successful audio production projects and have thousands of satisfied clients from around the globe. Our cutting edge software and hardware technology gives you the best sonic quality. Whether it is simple voice editing services or complex musical splicing, we deliver exceptional services at the most affordable cost. And the best part is, all our editing services are online and you can edit your audio, music, mp3 and sound files from the comfort of your home.

What we do when we edit audio files

1. Remove unwanted words, sentences and sections.
2. Remove and edit unwanted fillers like umm, ahh. Remove coughs, unintentional breaks etc.
3. Remove long pauses and silence wherever they occur in the file.
4. Splice intro/outro music
5. Making your music/loops perfectly synced to the tempo, without any jerks or glitches.

Kinds of professional sound editing services provided by us

  • Voice Editing Services– With our voice and mp3 editing services we correct and eliminate audio errors and unwanted sections in your audio file. We edit your audio without affecting the natural modulation and tone so that every word is clear, clean and crisp.
  • Editing Loops/music tracks– Our advanced loop editing technique results in seamless playback of your musical tracks without glitches or jerks. Does your live guitar sound out of sync? Is the chorus sounding a little rushed? Don’t worry, we can get all the elements to play back perfectly at the right tempo. Our syncing is correct to 1 millisecond! We edit and sync up to 128 music tracks, getting all your instruments, drums and sinning perfectly on the tempo grid.
  • Editing Podcasts-We specialize in podcast editing, podcast mixing and mastering as well as providing end-to-end podcast solutions such as intro/outro music, mixing and mastering them.
  • Editing Documentaries All SFX, sounds and voice in films and documentaries are painstakingly synced to the correct frame. We have rich experience and expertise in editing documentaries and films. We make sure they sound crisp and clean.
  • Editing Libraries We edit huge sound and loops libraries, and many of our edited libraries are on big fish audio. This includes multi layered drums, live instruments and vocals. We use advanced tempo stretch, time stretch and manual edits to make sure all files loop perfectly.
  • Voice Over Editing We provide Voice editing services for all kinds of voice overs for radio, TV, ads, jingles and films. We not only edit audio files and mp3’s, but can also, restore, clean and master them
  • Audio Books we make sure that your audiobooks sound the best by editing them up and fine tuning every detail. The tone and feel of the narrator is maintained throughout the book. We can additional mix and master them for perfect listening quality.
  • Interviews– We can edit and correct interview recordings so that they sound more spontaneous, smooth and polished from start to finish. We edit out all pauses and errors, leaving only crisp voice between the interviewer and interviewee.
  • Videos We patch and splice the recorded voice on top of an existing video. The voice/music is edited for a well-balanced perfectly synced video.

We take pride in our online sound editing services and make sure we provide realistic and consistent sounds when we edit audio files. We focus on quality, top notch production and customer satisfaction. We do more than just fix and edit sound; we bring life and vibrant sound to your music. Editing is an art as well as science and we make sure that your audio gets the required attention it deserves.

We deliver the edited audio in a wide variety of format including-mp3,wav,aiff, wma etc.


Type of editingCost for 60 mins
Basic editing/splicing$95 USD
In depth editing/splicing$145 USD
Customized editing$250 USD

We also offer free consultancy to help you record better. Please drop us a line and we would be happy to help. If you are looking for polishing, mixing and mastering your audio files- please visit here