About Audioshapers.com

DSCN1241Welcome. My name is Rajiv and I head the creative team of experts and own the studio at AudioShaper. We are the leading studio in providing online audio solutions to thousands of satisfied clients from all over the globe. We provide a wide variety of services including musical compositions, Voice overs, audio engineering, mixing and mastering, noise removal and audio restoration, background music for films and documentaries, Game audio design and SFX and much more!

Experienced team

A team of highly creative musicians, voice over artist, singers and session musicians lend their talents and creative input to our projects. All talents employed by us are the best in their respective fields, having years of experience and hundreds of releases, resulting in top class productions.

Online solutions

We haven’t met most of our clients face to face but have delivered exceptional audio products and services to them. For e.g the Xbox game music was developed for a company in UK, while the documentary which is being sent across to film festivals was from Australia. Many of our voice over artists are from USA, UK and Spain, and one of the recent projects was for a Self development CD for a Japanese client. Where ever you are, rest assured we can provide fast and affordable services.

Top Notch Studio

We have a cutting edge, fully equipped online studio. We use the best sound synthesis and effect processors to deliver larger than life sounds, finished to perfection. Your hunt for a professional world class studio without breaking your bank is over! Our studio caters to thousands of clients worldwide, who compose, edit, mix and master their commercial recordings with us.

Affordable and fast

We deliver exceptional value for your money. We can guarantee you lowest prices on all our services. All our productions happens in-house, which greatly reduces our costs. We respect your time and our turnaround time is lightening fast, often as quick as a few hours!

All the latest gear

With the latest software, hardware and mixing desks, we cater to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes. We have done work for ad agencies, web designers, film producers, corporate producers, game designers, podcast makers and individual producers.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get a FREE custom sample and customized quote at guaranteed lowest prices.