Post Production-Films, Documentary & Videos

Having worked on various genres and award winning documentaries, we have extensive expertise producing crisp.clean and engaging audio for your films and videos. We infuse your visuals with a groundbreaking acoustics which is sure to get your viewers attention. We do audio editing, mix, mastering and for documentaries, Television, Films and compose background music for videos of all kinds.

Official selection for the Heart of Gold Film Festival 2011
Won the Total Aged Services award for excellence 2009

The Gandharbas- Nepal’s Musicians

Web Series- Justice Women

Free Lunch -Trailer

Fizz and Hummer – Trailer

Tv Spot

Perfect Mix for Perfect Listening
The Audio is leveled, mixed and mastered to sound perfect on a variety of listening devices, from large theaters to headphones. The voice is eqed to sound crisp and clean, leveled meticulously so that each and every word is clear. The background music is layered at perfect listening levels. The final audio is mastered using sophisticated process to achivev industry standards sonic quality.

Unlimited Genre; unlimited Expressions

We compose film and documentary music and film sound effects in a wide variety of genres including electronic, ambient, classical, contemporary, Jazz and R &B. Every scene is studied in detail and background music for movies is developed in close coordination with the director. Our film sound engineers provide the best sounding effects and music in respective categories.

Perfectly Synced film music production

All music is synced to the correct frame rate, and utmost attention is paid to changeover in scenes. Having worked extensively with electronic synths and exotic Asian and African instruments like Tabla, Shakuachi, Erhu, Sitar etc. has helped us develop music which is both multicultural and new in its approach. All video background music and film sound effects are created fresh and original.

Unique Soundscapes for amazing film sound design

Our background music production studio has cutting edge advanced synthesis engines, which help us create shimmering and unique soundscapes and scores for Videos and movies. The Sfx are sourced from premium production libraries, with life like representation and feel.

Royalty free and copyright free music at cheapest prices

All our film background scores and documentaries music are royalty free, and you can use them as long as you want without paying anything extra! We also make copyright free background music, transferring all rights to your company. Check out our lowest prices deals for the perfect background music for your film, documentary, vide?, website or powerpoints.

We also offer all kinds of post production services like, Audio Editing, Noise reductionMixing and Mastering for documentaries, movies and videos.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US and get a FREE sample mixing, mastering or music for you documentary or video and a quote at guaranteed lowest prices.