Audio Consultancy & Coaching

Audio production is a vast subject and can be overwhelming if you are new to this field. Though there are many helpful sites and articles on the internet, it takes a lot of reading to make sense of the conflicting advices and information. Sometimes the information can be downright wrong or misleading.

If you are new to voice over recording, mixing, audio production or music composition and want to get expert mentoring and coaching, you need someone who has years of experience and can be a trusting guide, giving you the correct information and tools to attain your full potential.
Our voice over and audio post production training courses provide individualized mentoring, with one to one training. Everything is tailor made, flexible and suited to your unique needs.


1. More focused understanding of the different aspects of audio, voice over and music production
2. Demystify the secrets of audio production and voice over and offer correct information
3. Learning the theoretical aspects
4. Practical application and examples

Benefits of coaching with me

1. Helps you achieve your full potential
2. You can bypass the trial and error method and stop making the most common mistakes.
3. There is a lot of conflicting and misinformation regarding audio production on the internet. The coaching will clear your fundamental understanding and thus help you make sense of all the conflicting information on blogs and forums.
4. Question and answer techniques to help you understand the technical aspects and identify solutions
5. The solutions and teaching are tailored made to your required specifications
6. Encouragement and positive relationship with the client, helping her/him blossom into an audio expert.

I provide one to one audio coaching and consultancy on all aspects of audio production.This includes, but is not limited to:

1. How to record like a Professional
2. Setting up your home recording studio
3. Mixing and audio editing
4. Podcast-From idea to production
5. Voice over coaching, equipment setup and production.

Rate for 1 hour of coaching $35 USD.

Coaching done via skype/googletalk/Yahoo messenger
Please feel to contact me for any further information: