Hypnosis, Meditation and New Age Production Studio

We provide end to end solutions for producing, editing, mixing and mastering of all kinds of new age therpay cds. We have worked for new age guru Depaak Chopra, www.hyptalk.com, www.wilddivine.com, http://www.wellnessaudio.com/ and many other premium new age clients.

A few of our clients and productions


Why big artists and production houses work with us

Director/Founder of Audioshapers and long time meditator, I have worked on all kinds of new age audio like, hypnosis tapes, meditation, relaxation music etc. Sound Therapy, Yoga and meditations have been a passion for me and i have an in-depth knowledge about theory and practice of the above. I am a certified hypnotist and have practicing meditation for the last 14 years.

I am an expert in the following new age technologies:

1. Meditation cds
2. Hypnosis cds
3. Self-help series
4. Binaural beats
5. White noise
6. Nature sounds
7. Relaxing music-Alpha,beta delta
8. Subliminal messages
9. Brainwave entrainment Etc

Making the Perfect Healing Audio Series

We make sure that each and every recording and project is meticulously edited and mastered. For making the perfect new age product, it needs to go through the following process:


Removing all breaths,pops and unwanted noise. Keeping a natural flow of the voice, with proper pauses and spacing. Pacing is very important as the mind needs time for words to sink in please refer to our editing page for more info


1  Noise reduction: all noise, hiss, hum, static will be removed, while maintain the natural tone and timber of the voice.
2. The audio will be extensively leveled. All voices will be balanced so that each and every word is clear.
3. The audio will be EQed and mixed to sound crisp and clear. Unwanted dynamics will be eliminated and resulting in optimum sonic quality.
4. Music will be added with correct fades and levels. Erector music levels is very important to get the listener into the desired state.


1. Harmonic exciters
2. Stereo imaging
3. Analogue style eq
4. Multiband limiting and final compression.

The final product is clean, balanced and perfect for helping the listener attain the desired results.

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