Will Slash star in breaking Bad?

Slash refueses to comment on the issue…read on for the full story

Slash has refused to comment on reports he has been approached to star in a sequel to the television show Breaking Bad.

NME contacted Slash’s representatives after it was rumoured that the guitar player is wanted for the new show alongside actor Val Kilmer.

The show, called Anastasia, would feature Val Kilmer and Slash as US Marshals, and is the brainchild of a California man called Lawrence Shepherd. However, Shepherd is currently running a Kickstarter to fund the show, which at the time of writing was just $438 funded, with a goal of $500,000.

Writing about Slash’s character on the Kickstarter site, Shephard says: “Slash will stay in the ‘Slash” character, which will enable another writing venue as he will always be undercover. He is Kilmer”s partner… Who doesn’t want to see Slash with a Glock sticking out from under that jacket? Come on!”

Another, more official Breaking Bad spin-off is currently in the works. Better Call Saul will air in 2015, and is set in 2002, six years before Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk) meets Walter White.



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